The Dad Difference: New reasearch shows how Dads are different from Moms
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About the Book

If you are going to be a Dad, you are a new Dad or you are an experienced Dad, have you ever wondered?

Do I make a real difference in my child’s life?

New research confirms that the answer is an unequivocal YES.

The Dad Difference gives you the latest results in a quick read that is easy to understand.

This little book includes 5 ways that you positively impact your child, your relationship with your child and your world at the same time.

If you are a wife or partner, The Dad Difference lets you in on the secrets of your husband or partner’s influence. When Dads know how important they are, life can only get better for everyone in the family.

The Dad Difference answers questions such as:

How can I tell that my baby recognizes me as a father?
How will being and playing with my children influence the kind of people they will become?

Now, we have some answers that are based on scientific data. Find out exactly how profoundly you matter!

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