The Dad Difference: New reasearch shows how Dads are different from Moms
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The Dad Difference

You are doing amazing things for your child’s development:

When you toss your child in the air
When you build a cool fort
When you are just around

There has never been scientific research before that shows how:

Dads parent differently from Moms
This difference is good for kids

Why Dads need to know:

If you know that you are important
If you know that you and Mom are not interchangeable
You will feel good about investing more time and energy into your family

Who stands to benefit?

You, your child, your spouse or partner, your family, your community and your world!

How big is the benefit?

Huge...Bigger than you could ever imagine!

You can also join other Dads who have contributed to understanding fatherhood in America today by taking this short online survey (20 minutes).

To take the survey, copy and paste this link into your browser: